Collage the restful yet
complicated companion
to drawing
Inhabits my art practice
In multiple media
I compose without glue
With postage stamps
Torn apart put together rebuilt
Reimagined reinvented
Photographed collage lives on
And arrives least expected
Enriching soul and mind
Shifting my perspective just in time!

Caroline Tavelli-Abar
January 2022

2008 Residency Drawing and Poem as Room: Vermont Studio Center: Johnson, VT

In 2005 I began sorting thru my drawings. Three piles emerged: drawings I would take to the dump so the paper might be recycled, drawings I would save and protect, and a pile in the center that became the source material for this collage series.

To this day I continue to create collages using postage stamps.  I find great inspiration in the very small images

Using folded watercolor and collage material a small series from 2018

Images from 2017