From 1998 to 2000 I worked for a private art collector who loved Artist Self-Portraits. I particularly loved the early in life and late in life images, and I became fascinated with the mirror itself as well. I continue to make self-portraits but not as fast as I did then.

These selections of drawings were created in the Dojo as Burlington Taiko practiced. 

These images are all done by first folding the paper and then watercoloring the spaces. They are about freedom, forms and taking sail.

I became inspired by my iPhone and the drawing application called Brushes. Many doodles emerged and I also took an interest in the drawing possibilities with Photoshop. A wonderful article was written about my iPhone drawings process and inspiration here:

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art there is a beautiful sculpture of a seated Buddha without his head, and yet still the stone feels as if it is breathing; this small print séries is based on that image.

I drew these tiny 4 inch by about 4 inch drawings at the Vermont State House during the vote for the Freedom to Marry. 

On March 14th 2011 I went to a conference for Artists as Entrepreneurs and was deeply inspired by the energy in the room. I came home and created this séries of cards in honor of the event.

In 2004 I took a print making class and fell in love with drawing on glass.

These drawings were done in the days and months after September 11th. and into 2002