• Joy
  • Small invisible words
  • Journey
  • Eternity
  • Serenity
  • The Dance of Life
  • The window pain
  • The weather patterns
  • Winter Rain
  • A way revealed
  • For you
  • Resolute
  • How do we make bread?
  • One step towards peace
  • Human connection
  • Still (Gaia)
  • Voice
  • 2011
  • Innocent Dreams
  • Luna
  • The Edelweiss sings
  • Tenderness

its current
is free
at last

Small invisible words

 Small invisible words
Strewn through the air.
They flutter as leaves
And fall to the ground
in the nonsensical pattern
 of a poem.


From Light
to dark
to light
we travel
each pass



            The music of the rocks
                        The silence of the mountains
                                    Their voices!
                                                They cry out


Peony white studio
is peaceful and still
like a winter snow


The Dance of Life
 In the Dance of Life
I twirl
 foot prints
 of orange and yellow
 delicate touches
 under blue skies
 a moment for tea
 on the sandy road
 and back into
 the Dance
 of love and life
 we go.

The window pain
The window pain
twice the thickness of glass
Like a shield
even it can’t keep me
from the weather
and the pane.

The weather patterns
The weather patterns so strong
 They resonate.
 Absorbed?  No, not absorbed
But part of one
A shift in consciousness

Winter Rain
 to  night
 I could have
 A million cups of tea

A way revealed

Draw a line
 in the sands of time
 soon a () way
 the ocean will seal

For you
 from one dandelion,
 to another
 pollen blows . 

If you believe
 In dragons or tea
 In sweat bread
 Or thee
 By this stove
 Simply be

How do we make bread?
We capture the warmth of the sun
The heat of our wood stoves
The notes of a song
Full of memories
In winter’s most precious light
We wait
 For the dough to rise
In the poetry of a ray of sun seated here.

One step towards peace
Peace can be but a shadow
a mirrored reflection
something that eludes us
or can be clamped down
the find of life time
in the eyes of child

There are places
that require silence
so that one might hear
the sun
gently melting snow.
There are places
that invite sound
so one might express
the scale ofthings
And there are places
yet to be found
a stillness all around.

Innocent Dreams
She came to him
With glee
As if
One and twoWere three.

In a clumsy dance you pick yourself up
Flutter your wings
Meshing your motion to the breeze
Lacey ferns
Mirror your greens
Encouraged your wings find their momentum
At last
As if for a first flight you lift
Your weight
Of the ground
Thru the meandering spaces
Between light and darkness
Giant pines shelter your way
Your journey begins
In a rhythm all your own
You pass
Among tall pines
Translucent green
You glow
Beyond ethereal
Four wings in dew drops flow
You travel
The distance
From the path
Into the magic ofthe deep woods
My gaze follows
My heart skips a beat
Slowly I fill with a kind of beauty
Only the woods can keep.

 The Edelweiss sings
 Four Edelweisses
A little tiny rope
A miniature Ice pick
and  a silver sign reads
Rohne Glacier
Breath through Time
One more beautiful than the other
Speckled faces in white furs
Turn towards the Sun
A momento saved for years
Past from one woman
to another, and another
and another
A little tinny memory
Held in Flowers, Rope and Pick


As time turns
One by one
We go back
To the sand pile