Axel Frame Shop and Gallery put on a show of my work in the summer of 2020 ~ here is a glimpse of the work and installation

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” – Rumi 💕

Series of whimsical oils on canvas

May space, waves and ocean be companions in the journey as winds rise the salty seas.

ink drawings on paper - small canvases and poems

Calla Lillies: Stages of the Moon
These images were made on an iPhone, in an App called Pages, using the drawing tool.  Once completed, many were printed on canvas and framed.
They are part of a series inspired by two dear friends, by a garden gift of Calla Lilies, and by a class on Ikebana: the art of Japanese flower arrangement.
These images honor loss, love, renewal, winter, the moon and light
They moved me the ways in which the moon moves us, from the darkest of nights, to a crescent in starlight, into a full moon where the soul might be released at last …

This series of digital drawings is composed of maksed people encountered during the Pandemic.

These digital drawings are some inspirations that helped sustain me during the Pandemic, they are inspired by several friends