Crescent moon

orange on the horizon

Soft grain butterscotch

leather sofa glows

in the nightlight

Two Luna moths found

a home at the back door

the woods deepen their gifts

the washer drier parts box


little by little

the house is being tended to

deeply I love

this nest I call home

my head has found my pillow here

cookies have been baked

meals burnt

cheese melted

steaks seared

it’s a tiny space filled with details

full of love

it’s home.

My friend just shared a picture

of Sicily the Mediterranean

sparkling blue and a gloriously

blooming red rhododendron

and maybe a cactus or two

I long for the sea

and yet here nested

in these lush green mountains

I have found softness in my heart

and a gentleness

sharp edges are no match for

if anything the call of the Alps

and their beyond imaging structures

and arid climate

wines and grapes

pines and tamaracks

sun basked slopes

call my heart

and never let me forget

le Valais où je suis née

Rilke knew the power of this place

and Chapaz echoed it

poets for centuries

have reveled in its grandeur

and I from here feel its pull

Yet if I take

a moment breath

I see

a large

all encompassing world

I can go to

keeping my feet well rooted

in these woods

and my heart

oh so grounded in the Apline sky

so here I sit breathing deeply

the night lights

my heart still

enveloped by a love

as timeless as

the Rocky spring


I am home


Foggy morning feels like Avalon
deep in the forest
a crow speaks

rain drops like jewels
line the cloths line

today the lilacs
and poppies
are in disarray
their season has past with the pounding rain

the mist dips down into branches
filling spaces with a pale white hue
floating just above ground

there are no ghosts here

a red hearted hummingbird

dips in and out of sight


the leaves heavy with water
now reach full force

daylight at apex
the pendulum swings

seasons stretch one into the other

all ready the sun is burning
the fog
my Avalon
drifting away

we will make a fire today

the ground is saturated

soul cleansing

I don’t know the future
anymore than I did yesterday
except this moment
is full of little words and
maybe an insight will rise
in the big pink puffy cloud above


True Love

Parade to come
with joy
a lot of resilience

undying support

and pride!

It’s a month of reflection
and activism

stretched into a year
of actions

that builds hope
for community
for friends family and self

a month to take care

and love unabashedly

into a new year


Dad used to
look out at the sea
and say
day after day

“it smells like rain …”

all summer

it was
the Mediterranean…

it never rained …


But he did not give up hope.

Here it’s about to rain for ten days
and the forest
is about to open up
into even more leaves

if that is ever possible

and I think of him and grin

it’s going to rain Dad
a lot

miss you
love you

Red peonies about to bloom
green globes
with a hint of crimson
to be
peeled open
by sun
and helping ants
their sweetness attracts

it is a feral garden mine
a summer festival of weeds
grasses butterflies
and wild flowers
just as it grew
with a few exemptions

peas basil tomatoes
marigolds soon to bloom
I love watching my plants
go to seed

there is something magical
in the cycle

a wave of nostalgia
another of joy

a memory of roses
apricots and strawberries
big plump lush
and here in the woods
they are rosy beads
covering the forest floor

sweetness of summer
from an Alp
to a mountain
my heart stretches
the world

a breath

we too bloom


Crisp morning air
second day of summer begins

light at five am
nature loud
the day into being

today it is deep cleaning day
everything will end up
on deck
so I can mop
under the rugs!

A huge undertaking
for such a tiny space
go me!

Sanity mimics house work
it takes enormous
over time
to stave off bipolar disorder

and sometimes

an unexpected crack opens
Cohen might say it lets in the light

but for that light
there is a universe of darkness….


so today in big daylight
I honor
my stars


Luminescent green wings
overlap with a dark purple trim
the most incredible
gifts of June
the Luna moths
love the little night light
I leave for myself

If there is but one certainty in this life
it is change
and if I transom
into this beauty one day
a sense of bliss I will feel

But today
grateful for the sun
on this first day
summer just beginning


A musing about light

Setting sun on tips of trees
illuminates a growing garden

a moment of bliss
a golden hue

slowly the stars come up

one at a time

the sky fades
into dark blue
in the almost summer night

a Luna moth lands on my window
pale green wings flutter

I drift into sleep
my dog curled up at my feet

the breeze coming thru cools.

These days the light arises
way before any alarm

my Luna moth has gone

pale orange thru the forest
announces day

the birds wake
every twig
nature’s music calls
all around

coffee steam
a cozy chair
a quiet place
to start the day

In silence and stillness
the mind drifts
as morning light
tips these trees too

like beautiful paint brushes
the sway in the gentle breeze
it is time
for today


Bamboo wind chime
calms the space

a delicate breeze
ruffles the laundry

my neighbor’s chain saw
breaks the ice
I brush hogged today

rumbles of thunder
far away

In the 60’s
I wear my favorite sweater

I rode my red bike around the yard
she and I meshed gently

there is no telling
what the clouds hide
as the sun is but a memory
on this Father’s Day

how fitting

i can still see his smile

I know the sound of my name
in his voice to this day

“Mais! Caroline!”

Giggling it’s the r’s
rolled over the tongue
that make all the difference

in the cool breeze
I feel the warmth of memories

he truly glows
hope undying
my heart


Leaves everywhere!
Turned over in the wind

Big drops
glistening roll off


it’s a giant breathing organism
after a winter of sticks
there is no stopping this growing

a sheep pasture
this whole state once was
No more

Brookes roar thru
mossy Stone walls
buried deep
under tree cover
hint at what once was
raw land

It is no longer grass
just flowers everywhere

I let them come up
they Grace us

wild delight

rain pounds the earth
drum like

a junco hunts
moths from last night

it’s almost summer

my heart explodes in the heat
as the wood stove
still roars
despite the advancements of june

a life lived

in what they call
the green mountains

shimmers today


Iridescent wings
speckled with black
a dragonfly rests on deck

over lilacs in full bloom
a yellow butterfly dances
several actually

hummingbirds hover
near freshly planted flower pots

in the distance a crow
calls its coven

the sound of the forest
in 66 Fahrenheit
waiting for the rain
brings solace to the soul

it is mid June
all is green now

not a speck of snow lingers
not even in the mind
for the jungle has taken over

it’s hard to believe
there are days of frost
hard freezes and
thirty below zero
in this calm and mild
afternoon moment

so quickly we forget
in the sweetness of summer


Gently rain
Trickles down her cheek
A tear mingles
Hidden so
To speak

Her fair hair follows the wind
Her eyes the rising tide

Her garden in progress
She managed half
and then the other

In earnest poppies challenged the pouring rain
She brought two
Inside with June lilacs

She turns
Balancing Resilience and Unraveling - One breath after another

The dance of life takes off in a mad gallop

There is no stopping this ride
It is

Faced square on
I will not win

The corner markers all ready say so
I will not go
into this life

With love